Sunday, 16 August 2015

Does USA finance trafficking of African migrants from Libya to Italy? Phantapolitics?

That was stated by Austrian InfoDirekt, which writes what was learned in an internal report of the ''Österreichischen Abwehramts'' (Austrian military intelligence service) and InfoDirekt is a periodic notoriously close to Austrian armed forces.
Title says: "An Insider: USA pays traffickers (of immigrants) to Europe." The text does not say much more. It says that Austrians estimates the cost for each person who comes to Europe much more than 3,000 € mentioned by media.

"Those responsible for trafficking are asking exorbitant prices to bring refugees in Europe" They range from 4 to 8 thousand €, according to starting areas and different traffickers organizations. Refugees are too poor to pay for these amounts.
Austrian police says that asylum seekers know this information for some time; but nobody is willing to talk and make declarations on this issue, even under anonymity.
From Austrian intelligence source "it is understood  that US organizations have created a model of co-financing and contribute much to traffickers costs" and "same Organizations which have thrown into chaos Ukraine a year ago ". Clear allusion to American NGO, so-called "humanitarian" and "civil rights", both US State Dept, and Georges Soros arms.

The article ends with an appeal "to journalists, police officers and intelligence in order to actively participate in the search for data and more evidences to support the claims expressed herein . The current situation is extremely dangerous and intelligence can prevent the escalation of the crisis."

In a later article, the Austrian newspaper reveals that in "Austria prospers the business of refugees, "A company for asylum seekers got 21 million from its assistance, legal matters and hosting/feeding asylum seekers.
It is real and profit oriented company, based in Switzerland, ORS Service AG which is owned by British holding company Equistone Partners Europe (EPE), which is owned by Barclays Bank, powerful multinational financial also known as "Rothschild Battleship", which has private bank NM Rothschild and its financial satellite Lazard Brothers as its main shareholders  "Barclays Chairman has been for years Marcus Agius Rothschild. He married Edmund de Rothschild daughter Katherine Juliette. As a result, he controls British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also. One of three directors of Bilderberg Group Steering Committee says "The Rothschilds do not mind any lucrative business and that of immigrants is welcome as their hosting, feeding and caring by public money is certain industry they expect (know) to grow exponentially.

Thierry Meyssan (Reseau Voltaire) relays this information as additional confirmation of its long and complex article he posted four months ago where, among other facts, he stated that refugees wave to Europe is not only the collateral and side effect of accidental conflicts in Middle East but USA strategic objective.
Meyssan called US strategy, the "chaos theory" originated by Leo Strauss (1899-1973), philosopher and father of neoconservative guru nested in US institutional power.
The principle of this strategic doctrine can be summarized as follows: easiest way to plunder the natural resources of a country over the long term is not to occupy it, but destroy its State. No State, no army. No enemy army, no risk of defeat.
Since that time, one of main strategic goal of US military alliance led by themselves, NATO, is to destroy solely States. What happens to the people involved is not an issue of Washington.
Migration in Mediterranean, for the moment only a humanitarian problem (250,000 in 2014), will continue to grow into a serious economic problem. Recent EU (...) decisions is not going to stop migration, but to justify new military operations to keep the chaos in Libya and not to solve it.

American strategy seems actually to drag Europe into military adventures in Libya as in Syria. Once EU necks are mired up in chaos swamp, EU must implore for help of the only remaining superpower. Which will bind us more than ever because "it protects us from the chaos."

Last consideration: Italian and EU left parties, which welcome migrants, as usual for leftist parties, is mainly in the interest of big business, sometimes even (??) without knowing it, with full support of Vatican.


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